Owing to our cooperation with top meat producers, we can offer high quality poultry at all times. Our products conform to the strict legal regulations and they are subject to the veterinary supervision. The HACCP implemented in the production process ensures safety to our products and it identifies and estimates a scale of hazards in the course of all production stages.

Meat is a product which goes bad easily; therefore, an optimal storage temperature is crucial for its safety and quality.   Correctly preserved meat microbiology plays a significant role in the shaping of its value, which involves its  edibility, texture and, above all, flavour.

Yet another element which we emphasise is the hygiene of appliances in which we store meat. The on-going prevention of contamination is ensured by regular washing and disinfecting of cooling appliances and all the surfaces which meat contacts directly.

In order to guarantee the freshness and high quality of our products during transportation, we use our own specialised coldstores. Sometimes, we are forced to use the services of forwarder companies; therefore, we depend only on reliable carriers.

A high level of products is ensured not only by correct hygiene but also experienced and qualified personnel with good knowledge of production capacity. Our personnel develop their skills and meet the expectations of our customers owing to education and training. Each employee works so that they can be called "experts".

  • I definitely recommend Mosina Poultry Processing Plant. It is a company which will fulfil even ambitious tasks and which will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Owing to their good organisation we receive all the orders on time

    Tomasz Nowakowski

  • We are fully satisfied with the services provided by Mosina Poultry Processing Plant; therefore, I'd like to thank this company for many months of our cooperation and I'd like to recommend Mosina as a reliable partner. Mosina is characteristic for their involvement and professionalism what guarantees top quality services.

    Joshua Brown

  • I'd like to recommend the services rendered by Mosina Poultry Processing Plant both at the stage of the direct fulfilment of orders and activities related to transportation. The timely delivery of orders as well as professional services must be emphasised here.

    Aaron Turner

Low cholesterol content

Cholesterol is a part of fat contained in meat. Yet, it has been observed that poultry has cholesterol content lower than cattle meat.

Low collagen content

Collagen is known as a deficient protein. Its excessive content causes the reduction in nutritional values and meat tenderness.

Low fat content

Chicken breast contains approx. 4% fat. 100 g of meat has only 120 kcal, and the same weight thigh contains 155 kcal

High B12 vitamin content

It is a rich source of B12 vitamin which is necessary for DNA and RNA synthesis processes and for myelin generation – a white capsule of nerve fibres, and also for cell division and for transporting folic acid to cells.

High protein content

Protein is an essential component of each live cell, it participates in all life processes, It is the second - right after water - component of live organisms.

High PP vitamin content

PP vitamin is essential for the correct functioning of brain, nervous system and for generating some hormones by the organism.

High zinc content

Poultry contains zinc which is essential for correct development and reproduction as well as for the correct immune system functioning.

Rich source of unsaturated fatty acids

They participate in the process of building a cell membrane. Each human body cell is surrounded by a permeable membrane which absorbs essential nutritional substances and excretes toxins.

Easily digested and dietetic

A delicate tissue structure is evenly saturated with a fat tissue, it contains less connective tissue than slaughter animals meat, making it light

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